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About Ego Charter

The founders of "EGOcharter" Irina and Alex

EGOcharter is founded by yachting fans Irina and Alexander. They have been sailing for more than 15 years before decided to buy the first boat. «We love sailing and we love to do it with comfort and that’s what we are giving to our clients”

EGOcharter is a fast-growing Greek company founded by fans of yachting. All EGOcatamarans are thoughtfully equipped for family and friends yachting. Fleet consists mainly of new catamarans Bali, from Catana shipyard with bases in Lavrio and Preveza main ports.. We have a flexible system of discounts and bonuses, a wide range of additional services and a traditional bottle of wine to celebrate your visit.
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Yacht charter

We're not just giving you a boat for rent, we do all-inclusive service - we solve any problem that can appear when you're sailing. Our boats are equipped the best way, you can easily sail them yourself or we will pick up a team for you. We have a flexible system of discounts and bonuses. In case, you did not find the boat you like among the EGO catamarans, our manager can find one, which will completely suit you by characteristics, budget or any other criteria.

Catamarans Catana Bali for sale

We are the official dealer of the Catana shipyard, with our help you can become the owner of the catamaran. For personal use or to earn a yacht charter. We have flexible terms of purchase and full support of the deal.

Boat managment

We will help you earn money on your boat. We have individual approach for each partner. You can build or buy a boat, or you can lease ypur own boat that is idle in the port for most of the season. Forget about the cost of board maintenance. Turn a hobby into a profitable business! We offer individually developed management programs.

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