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EGOcharter becomes MMK silver partner

Since 2020, EGOcharter has become a certified silver partner of one of the largest booking systems Booking Manager

EGOcharter is Silver partner of MMK booking system now. What does it mean for you as a client or for you as a booking manager?

If you are a booking manager:

Booking Manager certifies the Charter Operator is a professional legal entity, properly registered for yacht charter activity in the country of origin, with owned or centrally managed fleet of yachts. Silver membership provides Charter Operator stability assurance to agencies using the Booking Manager System.

Charter operator uses Booking Manager System as a primary booking system to manage fleet and offer real time booking. This ensures that availability and price details are accurately published in real time to users of Booking Manager distribution network via all channels:

- www.booking-manager.com portal
- Booking Manager API
- Web Booking Manager search engine

All active agencies in the Booking System have guaranteed free of charge access to availability, pricing information and real time booking of Silver Charter Operator fleets via www.booking-manager.com portal for agencies.

If you are a client:

It means that you can easily book our catamaran through agency or yacht agent in your country and be sure that we are reliable legal company. Your agent will give you all up to date information about the fleet, conditions of yor stay and all our newest offers and discounts.

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