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Морской конкурс от Яхт Радио и EGOcharter!

В преддверии новогодних праздников слушай любимое Яхт Радио и принимай участие в конкурсе! Во-первых, это интересно. Во-вторых, это просто. А в-третьих - это возможность определиться с отпуском в следующем году!

Hello friends! If you are completely tired from winter and quarantine we have overwhelmingly great news for you, which already smells of summer and the sea! Tomorrow on 17.12.2020 together with Yacht Radio we are launching a competition in which will make your vacation.

To begin with we are giving an unlimited number of € 500 vouchers to all Yacht-Radio listeners who fulfill the conditions of the competition. But apart from that, there are main prizes that will save you up to € 3600 on your vacation! Read what to do next.

To win the 500 euros voucher:

1. Listen to the Yacht Radio from 16 to 30 of December. To do this, download (for free in the AppStore or in Google Play) the Yacht-Radio mobile application, or listen to the broadcast via the www.yacht-radio.net browser or Internet aggregators.

2. When you hear the EGOcharter jingle (posted in advance on the www.yacht-radio.net, on the page in the fb and in the "Hand to Hand" group), take a screenshot from Yacht-Radio, which shows the time, cover and name the track that was playing at that moment

3. Within 30 minutes, go to the EGOcharter page on Facebook or Instagram, subscribe to it and send the screenshot to direct messages. Follow the instructions you receive in return.

4. You will need to provide your contact details so that EGOcharter staff can send the e-voucher. It will be sent within a month after the application is submitted. All vouchers will have unique numbers.

5. One voucher can be used for one charter. But the participant can also compete for the main prizes listed below, which can be added to the voucher.

The major prizes are:

1 winner voucher/coupon/certificate with 40% discount

2 winners’ voucher/coupon/certificate with 35% discount

5 winners’ voucher/coupon/certificate with 25% discount which are only redeemable for any new booking at Egocharter (Twelve knots MCPY) fleet yacht and only the yacht cost.

To win the major prizes:

  1. Participants must listen to Yacht Radio on December 28, 29, 30.
  2. These days, between everyone who took part in the Yacht Radio competitions from the 16th to the 28th (even if you didn’t win, but just submitted the wins), there will be an online lottery of the main prizes using a randomizer. The first 8 participants will receive prizes according to the list from 1st to 8th place.
  3. The winner must contact EGOcharter (Twelve knots MCPY) at contest@egocharter.com within ONE month after the end of the competition to confirm the prize. It is not necessary to book a yacht this month, the winner must first receive a voucher.
  4. After the charter consultant has verified the information with the winners list provided by Yacht Radio, the winner will receive a voucher by email.

ATTENTION! You can read the full Terms and Conditions receiving and using prizes from EGOcharter prizes here.

In fact everything is very simple. And already in December of such an unusual 2020, you can get convincing plans for the 2021 vacation!

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